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Meet Jen Venegas, Your Intuitive Healer at Abeja Rise

Updated: Mar 24

A light skinned femme  person with their arms raised. They are wearing a black hat, a floral shawl, black tank top with the words "Ancestors Guide Me," a black belt and orange skirt. They are standing in front of cypress trees.

I grew up as a Roman Catholic in a Mexican-American household. I am mixed non-binary person. Along with my Libra rising, these identities make me feel most at ease in the in-between of most situations. The concept of both/and is one I strongly connect to.

In my early 30's, I felt called to address my disconnect with my spirituality. I considered myself an atheist and rejected my Roman Catholic upbringing. But being at the end of one spectrum felt polarizing and not right for me. Also during this time, my best friend, Aria Serpa, and I lived together.

Aria identifies as a witch with an Aquarius sun, Gemini rising, and Sagittarius moon. She is a talkative visionary who is fueled by fire. Aria and I started having many conversations about spirituality and religion. She also began to mentor me in reading tarot and oracle cards. I realized that the more I was processing my upbringing, the more I was healing my relationship with my spirituality. Something BIG was shifting for me.

A few years later, I began to offer intuitive card readings to my friends. I offered many free tarot and oracle card readings as a way to practice and hone my process. In 2019, I started offering “pay what you can” card readings to my friends and followers. For two years, I offered intuitive card readings virtually. As the pandemic restrictions began to lift, I also offered sliding scale readings at in-person events. I began to feel more at peace with my identity of an intuitive healer.

I offer sliding scale prices and don’t turn anyone away for lack of funds. I also offer readings in different formats, center access needs with clients I work with, and encourage mask-wearing and hand sanitizer when working in-person with clients. I am committed to accessibility as a pillar of Abeja Rise, especially as a disabled low-income person.

Spiritually, I identify as a bruje. I use the “e” in a gender-neutral way. I also use the concept of bruje/bruja/brujo in the sense that for me, it means the intersection of where indigenous practices meet colonized Catholicism. For me, it’s healing my culture/ancestral lines and also acknowledging the Catholicism that my abuela found so much comfort in.

My focus is on collective healing with the understanding that I don’t and won’t always know what that looks like. In my personal life and with Abeja Rise, I am most driven by the place where my spirituality and activism meet.


Fun facts about intuitive healer, Jen Venegas

  • I am a Leo sun, Libra rising, and Sagittarius moon. My Jupiter placement is in Scorpio.

  • I am a Manifestor in Human Design and a number 3 in Enneagrams.

  • I am the happy parent of two beautiful cats, Grayson and Marigold.

  • My favorite holiday is Halloween followed by Valentine's Day.

  • I have a degree in Horticulture and I love to give plant advice or recommendations.

  • My favorite movie of all time is The Exorcist and my current favorite movie is Elemental.

If you made it this far, please comment with a fun fact about you!

I'd love to learn more about who you are & what brought you here. 💗


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