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The Evolution of Abeja Rise, an Intuitive Healing Practice

Updated: Mar 24

Why "Abeja Rise"

I originally started this practice with the name Oracle Card Readings with Jen. If you've been a supporter since then, thank you for sticking around!

In 2022, I rebranded to Abeja Rise. This name feels more aligned with my spirituality, culture, and what I offer.

Abeja translates to bee from Spanish. As a Latine/Chicane, bringing part of my culture into this practice affirms who I am.

Lastly, my offerings expanded beyond just oracle card readings and so I wanted the name of my practice to be more inclusive and not so specific to one offering.

A honey bee gathering pollen surrounded by cluster flowers from a crassula ovata, jade plant. The photo is dreamy from the early morning sunlight.

Why bees?

I have a lifelong profound spiritual connection to bees of all kinds. As a child, I was fascinated by their "fuzzy" little bodies and always wished I could shrink small enough to hug a bee. My love language is physical touch so it makes perfect sense to me that this was a childhood want.

Today, I find such joy and guidance from bees. Witnessing them in nature and being able to ask them for guidance has a deep impact in my life. Learning more about how they interact with this sacred Earth has taught me so much about the roles we also play in our own communities. I can easier access their guidance now that I feel more fully integrated into my spiritual self.

I am inspired every day by the magic of abejas, their hives, their individual roles in the collective, their resilience, and so much more.

What inspires you on the daily? Let me know in the comments! ⬇️


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