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Jen Venegas is posing with their arms stretched up. Jen is wearing a black sun hat, a flor


Seven years ago, I lived with my best friend, Aria Serpa. This was during a time when I was struggling with my spirituality. I considered myself an atheist and rejected my Roman Catholic upbringing.

Aria identifies as a witch. She began to mentor me in reading tarot and oracle cards. And we talked a lot about spirituality and religion. I realized that the more I was processing my upbringing, the more I was healing my relationship with my spirituality.


I started doing card readings for myself and friends about 7 years ago. I didn’t charge at that time because I was practicing and strengthening my practice. Three years ago, I started offering “pay what you can” card readings to my friends and followers. That soon turned into doing in-person local events and creating a website where people could schedule a reading with me. I did all of my readings online except the ones at events.


I also offer sliding scale prices (which will never change) and don’t turn anyone away for lack of funds. I want my gifts and offerings to be accessible to anyone.


Spiritually, I identify as a bruje. I use the “e” in a gender-neutral way. My focus is on collective healing with the understanding that I don’t and won’t always know what that looks like.


I also use the concept of bruje/bruja/brujo in the sense that for me, it means the intersection of where indigenous practices meet colonized Catholicism. For me, it’s healing my culture/ancestral lines and also acknowledging the Catholicism that my abuela found so much comfort in. 


I originally started this business with the name Oracle Card Readings with Jen. If you've been a supporter since then, thank you for sticking around!

In 2022, I rebranded to Abeja Rise. This name feels more aligned with my spirituality, culture, and what I now offer. Abeja translates to bee from Spanish. As a Latine/Chicane, bringing part of my culture into this business affirms who I am.

I also have a profound spiritual connection to bees of all kinds. As a child, I was fascinated by their "fuzzy" little bodies and always wished I was smaller so I could hug a bee. My primary love language is physical touch so it makes perfect sense to me that this was a childhood want.

Today, I find such joy and guidance from bees. Witnessing them in nature and being able to ask them for guidance has a deep impact in my life. Learning more about how they interact with this sacred Earth has taught me so much about the roles we also play in our own communities. 

Lastly, my offerings are expanding beyond just oracle card readings and so I wanted my business name to be more inclusive and not so specific to one offering. 

Jen Venegas is holding a gold oracle card with a full moon and bees on it. Jen's arms are
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