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Harness Your Wisdom for Change

Working with Jen Venegas offers invaluable guidance on different facets of life, such as relationships, career, and spiritual growth. Through guided reflection, you can anticipate gaining a profound understanding of your journey using an interconnected lens. If you're feeling stuck or unsure, Jen collaborates with your guides to provide you with reassurance and a wider range of perspectives that center collective healing and collective liberation. So, if you're seeking clarity and direction that aligns with your life purpose, Jen Venegas is here to help you navigate through life's uncertainties.

Photo credit: Mayra Cortez

A xicana photographer, producer, pleasure activist


Here is your opportunity to embrace guided support. How will you show up?


"I received an incredible 2023 tarot card reading from Jen. It was incredibly thorough and detailed. The process was fun and enjoyable. I felt very safe with Jen and their interpretation of the cards. After each month is over, I return back to the reading I had in January to see how close Jen got to the kind of month I would have. They have been incredibly accurate! I am so amazed at their skills! I highly suggest getting a reading from Jen. They make the whole experience calming and relaxing - like a spa for your soul."


"I had a beautiful reading by Abeja Rise. At first I was a little hesitant about the delivery being over chat, but it created a natural space to take in the messages without a sense of urgency. And the messages were clear and powerful both confirming what I was doing and showing me where to focus. From the beginning, it was evident that there was strong intentions and sense of partnership and responsibility in the reading. It was not simply telling someone what to do, but having them be an equal energetic contributor to the reading. If you are seeking a reading, I highly recommend Abeja Rise."



Your Bridge to Your Divine Spirit

Throughout most of my life, I've struggled with conditioning that constantly told me that my experiences were wrong or untrue. However, over the past decade, I've dedicated myself to unraveling those messages, committing to breaking free from the constraints of colonization, and rediscovering my spiritual and ancestral gifts.

I firmly believe that each and every one of us has access to divine power that perfectly aligns with our unique paths, both individually and collectively. That's where I come in - I'm here to guide and affirm you on your personal journey through life.

Consider me as a bridge between you and your guides and ancestors, someone who can help nurture and strengthen the relationship you already have with them. If you're ready to tap into the incredible support system that exists in the ethereal realm, then let's connect and work together!

Your etherealsupport teamis here for you.

Jen is here to channel divine direction from your spirit team and to share wisdom on how to communicate with them directly. Are you ready to connect?



Jen Venegas
Intuitive Healer

Jen Venegas (they/them/elle), the founder of Abeja Rise, is a multi-talented intuitive healer with diverse experience in horticulture, non-profit work, and activism.

Jen founded Abeja Rise to be of service to their communities. They know, first-hand, how many of us feel unstable with our spiritualities because of systemic issues like colonization and white supremacy that harm us ALL. Being a mixed biracial person, Jen Venegas strives to bridge the gap between ancestral knowledge and present life paths. 

Jen grew up as a Roman Catholic in a Mexican American household. Jen Venegas, while embracing the complexity of the Roman Catholic Church, embodies the solace and rage within the brujeria and curanderismo traditions passed down through their Mexican heritage.

Now, Jen Venegas works to share that solace and anger with others, envisioning a different world where liberation is not only possible, but necessary.

Photo credit: Mayra Cortez

A xicana photographer, producer, pleasure activist


Thank you for contacting Jen Venegas! They'll be in touch soon!

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