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Grief & Loss Resources

Here is a list of free and paid grief & loss resources. All free resources are marked with an asterisk "*" - If you would like to recommend a resource/s, please fill out the form below. Please share this link with anyone that could possibly benefit from these resources. If you would like to work with me for death doula services, please book a consultation here. Thank you! 


Find online links to blogs, posts, articles, and magazines focused on loss or grief here.


Find online links to films and television series or episodes focused on grief or loss.


Find online links to recurring virtual or Southern California-based events, workshops, facilitators and spaces that do grief work.


Find online links to books, ebooks and zines about grief or loss here.


Find links to online and/or Southern California-based grief workers here.


Find online links to other grief & loss resources that don't necessarily fit in to other categories.


Find links to podcasts and podcast episodes talking about loss or grief here. 


Find online links to journals, card decks, herbal products, & more tools that help move grief & loss here.


The form to suggest resources to include on this page can be found here. Any suggestions for categorizing or other feedback can be sent here too.

Blogs & Magazines

Here is a list of online links to blogs, blog posts, magazines and articles focusing on grief & loss.


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Blog Posts & Articles

Books & Zines

Here is a list of online links to books, e-books, and zines about grief & loss.

Books & E-books

Veneration Rites of Curanderismo - Erika Buenaflor M.A. J.D. †

Morbid Magic - Tomás Prower †

Anatomy of a Disappearance - Hisham Matar †

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Caitlin Doughty †

Black Disabled Ancestors - Leroy F. Moore Jr.

Was She Pretty? - Leanne Shapton †

Dying Well - Ira Byock †

Final Gifts - Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley

Grieving While Black - Breeshia Wade †

The Smell of Rain on Dust - Martín Prechtel †

Ritual: Power, Healing and Community - Malidoma Patrice Some †

Love and Rage - Lama Rod Owens


Multilingual Functionality

Download Resources

Anna's Archive

Film & TV

Here is a list of online links to movies, film shorts, television series and television episodes focused on grief & loss.


Eco-Friendly Design

TV Shows

Undone - Amazon Prime †

Film Shorts

Multilingual Functionality

TV Episodes

Advanced Tech

Therapists & Healers

Here is a list of online links to virtual or Southern California-based grief workers.

Therapy & Mental Health


Products & Tools

Here is a list of online links to journals, card decks, phone apps, herbal products & more to move grief & loss.

Journals & Workbooks

Card Decks & Apps

Herbal Products

Multilingual Functionality

Other Products

Events & Groups

Here is a list of online links to recurring virtual or Southern California-based events & workshops, groups, grief circles, spaces and facilitators that engage in grief work.

SoCal Events & Workshops

Eco-Friendly Design

SoCal Groups & Grief Circles

24/7 Support

SoCal Spaces & Facilitators

Multilingual Functionality

Virtual Events & Groups

Other Resources

Here is a list of online links to more grief & loss resources.

Suggest a Grief or Loss Resource for This List

Please fill out the form with as much detail as you can find about your grief/loss resource recommendation. Please know that every recommendation may not be published on this list but I will do my best to make sure it aligns with my practice. Thank you!

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