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Grief & Loss Support Services


My name is Jen Venegas

I am a trained end-of-life doula who focuses on grief and loss inside and out of death. I was trained by the International End of Life Doula Association in March 2024 by Wilka Roig and have been experiencing grief and loss since I was a young child.


Grief & Loss Services

Jen Venegas offers the following free and paid grief & loss services. While these services might refer to the dying as a dying person, please know these services can all apply to pets, animals, plants or trees, the land, or any other living entity. Additionally, here is a list of over 75 grief and loss resources.

Grief Circles

Grief circles provide supportive environments for people to share experiences and find solace in community during times of loss.

End of Life Planning

End of Life Planning can include anything from assisting with practical tasks to being a liaison between the dying person and loved ones.

Vigil Planning

Vigil Planning guides the dying person through the details of how they would like to be honored during their last moments of life.

Conducting Vigil

Conducting Vigil takes Vigil Planning and creates the planned atmosphere for active dying and imminent death.

Grief Workshops

Grief workshops offer practical tools & compassionate guidance to help navigate the complexities of loss.

Exploring Meaning

Exploring Meaning involves exploring areas such as accomplishments, life lessons, values and beliefs and more.

Legacy Projects

Legacy Projects allow the dying person to collaborate with loved ones on how to remember the dying person after death.

Grief Processing

Grief Processing can include processing anticipatory grief and the reprocessing practice for loved ones of the deceased.

Let's Talk, Dear One

If you would like to hear more about any of these services and/or see which one/s would be most helpful for you and your loved ones, please schedule a strategy call below.

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