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Community Agreements

Community Agreements for all in-person and virtual events, courses and card readings.

By attending an Abeja Rise event, either in-person or virtually, participating in Abeja Rise courses or trainings, and/or receiving a tarot/oracle card reading, you are agreeing to the Community Agreements below. This is a working document. Some Community Agreements can be negotiated or added based on the needs of the individuals participating in Abeja Rise interactions outlined above.

  1. We agree to show respect for others as individuals by learning and using their names and pronouns

  2. We agree to respect the speaker, even when one of us does not agree with the point the speaker is making

  3. We agree to assume good intentions from others but acknowledge if one of us is feeling hurt by the information and/or the way it is shared

  4. We agree to practice active and empathetic listening - we will only have one speaker at a time, even if we are excited to say something

  5. We agree to not offer advice or try to "fix" or "help" someone with difficult emotions - instead we agree to sit with our own discomfort around witnessing 

  6. We agree to try not to generalize about groups (even groups with which one of us identifies) and we won’t ask another person to speak as a representative of a group.

  7. We agree to keep an open mind and look forward to learning about – and being challenged by – ideas, questions, and points of view that are different than our individual ones

  8. We agree to practice taking space and making space - if you are usually quiet, challenge yourself to take more space; and if you usually talk a lot, be mindful to leave room for quieter voices

  9. We agree to practice confidentiality -  don’t speak for others without explicit permission, don’t share something communicated in Abeja Rise events outside of the events

  10. We agree to take care of ourselves - stretch, eat, drink, use restroom, rest, etc.

  11. We agree to practice using inclusive language - use "everyone," "folks" etc. rather than "guys," "ladies," etc. regardless of assumptions around attendees' genders or identities

  12. We agree to speak from our own individual experiences - use I statements rather than generalizations

  13. We agree to be conscious of intent vs. impact - no matter your intention, you’re responsible for your impact

  14. We agree to do our best, assume others are doing their best and understand that mistakes may happen - we agree to apologize and move on

Suggestions & Comments

If you have suggestions for changes in the above Community Agreements, new Community Agreement suggestions or other comments, please fill out the form below. I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Thanks for submitting!

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