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Welcome to Abeja Rise, founded by Jen Venegas, where we explore the place where spirituality and activism meet. Consider this a milestone on your journey to connecting to the wisdom of your ethereal team!

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About Abeja Rise

All the info on Abeja Rise and Jen Venegas. Learn more about how Jen acts as a bridge between your ethereal team and you.

Current Press

Discover all the places Jen has shared insight outside of Abeja Rise, including the latest podcast episodes, interviews, and articles they have written.

Current Offerings

Explore the current offerings at Abeja Rise, including intuitive card readings. Schedule your tarot or oracle card readings here.

Reviews and Constructive Feedback

Have you worked with Jen before? Here's an opportunity to write a review and/or constructive feedback on your card reading.

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Subscribe on Substack for in-depth exploration of spiritual guidance, spells, inspiration & more.

Creating Freedom Movements Donations

Donate to Creating Freedom Movements for Jen's participation in the 2023-2024 Cohort. Write Jen Venegas' name in the notes.

Get in Touch

Please enjoy the rest of the Abeja Rise website and get in touch with any questions, opportunities to collaborate, or just to say hi!

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